April Congress Meeting

Courtland Maney

On 16 April, The University Staff Congress convened for it’s monthly meeting. Among other issues, Congress adopted a Resolution proposed by the Appointments Committee (which was represented by Court Maney, pictured above) to request that the Administration discontinue the practice of requesting more names than there are seats when appointing University Staff to Ad Hoc Committees. This happens when temporary committees are organized by the Administration and they request what is termed a ‘slate’ of names, from which they make the ultimate selection. University Staff shared governance asserted it’s right to name those representatives which speak on it’s behalf.  The Congress also was provided with a Legislative Update from Ms. Crystal Potts who works in Strategic Partnerships. Each meeting of the Congress is open to the public, the next is scheduled for 21 May from 2:30pm – 4:00pm in 272 Bascom Hall.

Crystal Potts