Appointments Committee

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The Appointments Committee was formed with the goal of providing appropriate candidates to fill the seats dedicated for university staff representation on Chapter 6 Committees, as well as various campus Advisory, Ad Hoc, Search and Screen and other committees when appropriate or called upon to do so.

The Appointments Committee will analyze and implement the most effective measures to inform the university staff community of the vacancies on such committees, as well as the tasks of the committees in question.

The Appointments Committee will prepare appropriate messaging to elicit the desired response, which will produce the adequate information necessary to determine the fitness of candidates for the seats available. The committee should keep as its goal to make the process for consideration accessible and inclusive.

The committee recognizes the single qualifying requirement of an applicant for any position is their status as a permanent member of the university staff. The committee will strive to provide balance and diversity among those chosen, including in regards to job category, shift and community of English language learners. The committee will consider continuity and transition of committee members, e.g. staggered terms.

The committee members will serve for one year term.

Office of Secretary of University Staff will provide administrative and logistical support.


Vicki Sekel-

Rocio Orzel –

Richard Carson –

James Taubel –

Dawn Schroeder (Chair) –