University of Wisconsin–Madison

Awards Selection Committee

Members of the Congressional University Staff Awards Selection Committee are charged with reviewing submitted nominations in order to select five winners to receive the University Staff Recognition Award as well as one winner for the Elizabeth Pringle Award.

The Selection Committee will strive to review the incoming applications with the view that all nominees are to be considered worthy and deserving of an award.

The Selection Committee will pursue its task mindful of the fact that the University Staff is the most diverse workforce on campus. This diversity extends to job category, shift, and community of English language learners.  Nominations should be reviewed in the spirit of inclusivity, fairness, and accountability, and winners should reflect this inclusive, fair, and accountable process.

The Selection Committee will work in conjunction with the office of the Secretary of the University Staff, which will provide it with administrative and logistical support.


Molly McGinty (Chair)-

Debra Morris-

Boyd Hillestad-

Clark Brunner-

Donovan Kron-