Occupy NY

On 15 November, in 2011, New York City police removed those who had been camping in Zuccotti Park since September 17th of that year. The so-called ‘occupation’ protesting income inequality made news around the world. At the encampment, a 5,000 book library was created as was a newspaper, the ‘Occupy Wall Street Journal’.

Many indelible images resulted from the Occupy Wall Street event. Including the chant, “We Are the 99%”, as well as the ‘Human Microphone’. Since amplified sound was not allowed in the park, speakers would have their words repeated in waves by those listening until the words reached those furthest from the speaker. This often began with the words – “Mic Check!” A few days after the encampment was cleared, a protest march took place, and the ‘Occupy Wall Street Bat Signal’ was unveiled on the side of the Verizon building. The video below shows the effects of an artist who used a projection beamed from an apartment to broadcast a message onto the façade of the building.