Lara’s Theme

It was on 18 April, 1966, that the film, ‘Dr. Zhivago’ won five of the 10 Academy Awards it was nominated for. The film follows the life and love of a medical student who gains notoriety for his poetry and is set against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution and subsequent Civil War.

The film was not without controversy. Some conservative critics balked at a picturesque image of a rainbow in the film, believing it to be a metaphor alluding to a bright future for the USSR, but the apolitical director David Lean assured audiences it was simply an artistic flourish.

The novel, ‘Dr. Zhivago’ by Russian author Boris Pasternak, on which the film is based, is available through the libraries on campus which can be accessed by University Staff through use of their WiscCard ID.

A trailer for the film appears below…