Alan Keyes – This week’s profile in Black History

Alan Keyes is a commentator and diplomat who mounted numerous campaigns for public office.

A year before completing his doctoral studies, Keyes joined the United States Department of State as a protégé of Jeane Kirkpatrick. He would serve in India and Zimbabwe as well as Ambassador to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. In 1985, he was appointed Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations. He also served on the National Security Council. In addition, he was the Deputy Chair of the US delegation to the 1984 World Population Conference in Mexico City. Looking back at his career in foreign service, President Ronald Reagan said:  “I’ve never known a more stout-hearted defender of a strong America than Alan Keyes.”

A frequent candidate for public office, he was noted for jumping into a mosh pit during the Iowa caucus while a Rage Against the Machine song was played as part of a Presidential campaign segment on Michael Moore’s TV series, ‘The Awful Truth’.