Out of the Closet and Into the Streets of Philadelphia

On this date, 19 October, last year, Gloria Casarez died after living with cancer for five years. Casarez was a founding member and community organizer of Empty the Shelters, a national housing rights and economic justice organization. She was later a coordinator for the LGBT Center at the University of Pennsylvania and then executive director of the Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative [GALAEI] in Philadelphia, where she dramatically increased resources and developed nationally recognized programs serving men of color and the transgender community from 1999 until joining the Administration of Mayor Nutter in 2008.

Upon her passing the Philadelphia Mayor stated, “Gloria was a fun, serious, strong and kind person who always wanted to do more for others and who fought for equality of rights for all people. She was a clear, strong voice to the LGBTQ community in Philadelphia and across America.”

The resources of the LGBT Campus Center by following this link…. https://lgbt.wisc.edu/staff.htm