A World Without Borders

6 October marks the birth date of Norwegian ethnographer, Thor Heyerdahl. Heyerdahl grew to world fame for his use of primitive ocean-going vessels in an attempt to illustrate the possibility of transoceanic contact between ancient, widely separated civilizations. In 1947, the 101 day voyage of Heyerdahl and his 5 person crew, covering over 4,000 miles on a balsa wood raft called the KON-TIKI, captured the imagination of young people who had in the previous 10 years known only a world ravaged by war and conflict. In 2013 a major motion picture, focusing on Heyderdahl and the KON-TIKI voyage was released. The trailer for the film appears below. Members of the University Staff can use their WisCard to examine books on anthropology housed in the campus libraries.