University of Wisconsin–Madison

February Congress Meeting 2018

Vice Chancellor Laurent Heller chairs all University Staff Congress meetings


The UW-Madison University Staff Congress

The University Staff Congress is the largest representative shared governance body for university staff at UW-Madison. Congress is the final decision-making body in the university staff shared governance process. This applies to any questions forwarded to it by the University Staff Central Committee or any standing, ad-hoc, Chapter 6, or other shared governance committee or group.

Individual members of the Congress should regularly solicit opinions from their districts and provide updates on shared governance developments as well as to inform employees of opportunities to participate in upcoming events, forums, listening sessions, focus groups, and elections. In addition, employees should be encouraged to provide feedback to their representatives. Members of Congress should engage the talents and expertise of those in their districts who can provide critical analysis of events and proposals based on their own specialized training and knowledge.

Elected representatives can send out emails to constitutes in their district by using the designated wisclist email address:

ustaff-district_ _ The space is where you input your district number. For example, if you were the elected representative for district 101, the district wiscmail address is

5th (2018-2019) Congress Roster

Congress Bylaws (ADOPTED: 1.25.16, AMENDED: 6.18.18)

District Directory